With over a decade of dedicated craftsmanship, Michael Søndergaard solidified his place in the world of photography. He specializes in the art of portrait and documentary photography and his captivating work has been showcased in numerous exhibitions around the world including his first big solo exhibition in the house of sir Ian McKellen, who also added several of Søndergaard's artworks to his own personal collection.

Selected exhibitions


Working Dog Gallery, Australia


The Library Project, Ireland


Nordic Light Festival, Norway
Fahey Klein Gallery, US


Photo LA Fair, US
NW Gallery, Denmark


Ian McKellen's House, UK
The Ravestijn Gallery, Netherlands
Paddle8, US
NW Gallery, Denmark
Rotterdam Photo, Netherlands

Vulnerability doesn't diminish power; it enhances it.

My photographic work delves into the themes of freedom, suppression, and the multifaceted nature of identity. Through stark and evocative portraits, I explore the intersection of these themes and capture the essence of human experience.

In my striking portraits, I aim to unveil the struggle for freedom and the weight of suppression that individuals often face in their journey towards self-discovery. These images serve as a visual testament to the resilience of those who confront societal constraints to forge their authentic identities.

Furthermore, I celebrate the beauty of vulnerability in the quest for selfhood. By showcasing moments of courage and self-expression, I illustrate the strength that emerges when individuals break free from the shackles of conformity and embrace their true selves.

Through my lens, I seek to provoke contemplation, challenge preconceptions, and shed light on the intricate interplay between freedom and identity. My work is an invitation to explore the human spirit's unwavering pursuit of authenticity, reminding us all of the enduring power found in the quest for self-liberation.

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