I’m a contemporary art photographer and film maker based in Copenhagen. Focusing on portraiture, I often work with the culture and identity of youth and gender.

Through my work I always try to communicate a sense of melancholia and fragility, because i think the power lies within vulnerability and sincerity.

I always search for beauty in the mystical. From studying religion science I find rituals immensely interesting: this is where everything is at stake and the borders are being crossed.

I often use the same performative and aesthetic elements in my work and I always endeavour to create unique universes as seen in my first series Rite. Here I explore the fragility of masculinity through portraits, where every model is put into a ritualized and sacred context to make them sincere.

On the basis of my work as a filmmaker, I like to operate photographically with techniques similar to character building and mise-en-scene. Therefore, when I shoot it is important to me that the person i am photographing is willing to join in on the process of searching within themself to create character and tell narratives.


Room of Secrets, Copenhagen – nov 2018

Boys! boys! boys! limited edition book – sep 2018

The year / Aaret – copenhagen – jul 2018


Haute Photographie, Rotterdam – feb 2019

room of secrets @ project room, Copenhagen – nov 2018

Grief @ NW gallery, Copenhagen – nov 2018

Boys! boys! boys! @ The Hospital Club, London – sep 2018


Hotel boy, 2018