Thematically concerned with ideas of expressing and defining masculinity, gender, and identity, photographer and filmmaker Michael Søndergaard (Danish, b. 1988) produces ominously dark and eloquently beautiful portraits of fragile yet powerful subjects.

His work is informed by a personal and academic interest in religious studies, reflecting this through symbolism found in elements such as feathers, special fabric or face marks.


Room of Secrets, Copenhagen – nov 2018

Boys! boys! boys! limited edition book – sep 2018

The year / Aaret – copenhagen – jul 2018


The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam 2019

The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam – march 2019

Haute Photographie, Rotterdam – feb 2019

Project Room, Copenhagen – nov 2018

NW gallery, Copenhagen – nov 2018

The Hospital Club, London – sep 2018


Birds fly, short 2019 (in production)
Hotel boy, short 2018